Looking to improve your water? We can help!

At Culligan, we know water and are passionate about helping you get the best quality, greatest tasting, and healthiest water at a fair price.

Here are a few of the ways we can help…

In Your Home:

  1. Water Softeners and Conditioners – Some competitors try to make you think there’s some sort of difference between “softened” and “conditioned” water but the 2 terms have been interchangeable in the water treatment industry for about 80 years.
  2. Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water – The best solution for great tasting water right at your kitchen sink in almost limitless supply.
  3. Bottled Water Delivery – Fast, Dependable service from your Culligan Man.
  4. Water Filters and Treatment – There’s nothing worse than investing your time and money for a solution that doesn’t work. Let us help you make sure you get the right water filter and water treatment the first time!
  5. Free Home Water Testing & Evaluation – In most cases, before we can recommend the best treatment, testing your water is the first step. After all, how can we treat your water if we don’t know what’s in it?
  6. Portable Exchange Service – Looking for soft water but don’t have an accessible drain or want to worry about lifting up bags of salt? Then our PE service is designed for you.
  7. Salt Delivery – Tired of lugging around 50lb bags of salt or running out of soft water?

For Your Business:

  1. Bottled Water Delivery – Fast, Dependable service from your Culligan Man.
  2. Bottle-Free Coolers - An environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to get bottled water in your office without any bottles!
  3. Salt Delivery – Tired of lugging around 50lb bags of salt or running out of soft water?
  4. Commercial Softeners or Conditioners - Whether for a restaurant, car wash, hotel, or hospital, Culligan has the best water softeners to save you time and money each month on soap and cleaning expenses.
  5. Commercial Reverse Osmosis - Best in the industry Commercial and Industrial sized Reverse Osmosis systems engineered for your required flow rates, water quality, and budget.

Save Time & Money with Soft Water

Local Reviews!

Dear Mr. Riker, My purpose in writing is to let you know that your professional Culligan team did an excellent job in helping us select the Gold Series Automatic Water Conditioner and getting it installed. Stephen Wilson was the Area Representative who took the time to test our water and explain the Culligan products available to satisfactorily condition our water. His prime interest was to get us to understand our alternatives so that we could correctly select the proper product. He did a complete and professional job in completing that process and in scheduling or installation. Wayne Markwith and Dominique Walls were the field service technicians that properly installed our conditioner. I was amazed that they did not have and re-do's during the process. This clearly indicated that they were properly trained. But what impressed me the most wast the pride that they took in their job and the respect that they had for the Culligan Product and Name. Stephen's, Wayne's and Dominique's performance and professionalism gave a real life meaning to Culligan's motto of Trust the Water Experts. Thank you for having them service our water conditioning needs.
, Leesburg, FL

Thank you for your Christmas greetings and your great service. More companies should do that. Merry Christmas to all of your employees.

Happy Thanksgiving, We are grateful for the clean and tasty water you bring us. Thank you for always having a smile on your face.
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